Thursday, July 29, 2010

National Adversity Index - from Moody's published on MSNBC

Interactive: Adversity Index

The Adversity Index measures employment, industrial production, housing starts and home prices for 381 U.S. metro areas and all 50 states
The Adversity Index, from and Moody's, measures the economic health of 381 metro areas and all 50 states. Each area is in recession, at risk, recovering or expanding. On this map you can explore changes in the four components of the index: employment, housing starts, housing prices and industrial production, each shown as a percentage change from a year earlier. (The change in housing prices will be updated at the end of the quarter.) Roll over a state to see its numbers. Click on a state to see details for its metro areas. Slide left or right to see data for different months. Click play to see all the months. Use the forward and back buttons to step a month at a time.
You definitely have to click the link and draw your own conclusions:

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