Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arizona immigration law 2010: As SB1070 takes effect, Mexicans say 'Adios, Arizona'

Article in the Christian Science Monitor this morning discusses the impact of a new immigration law in Arizona that takes effect today.   The Mexico government is beefing up relief shelters in Sonora to help Mexican citizens that are being either deported back or voluntarily returning to Mexico.   The article implies that the number of Mexican citizens that are voluntarily returning to Mexico is higher than what has been seen in the past.   Apparently this law has more teeth.   It appears that the strategy that many of these illegal aliens are taking is to return to Mexico and return to another US state that has weaker immigration policies.

While I appreciate that our country has been built off the backs of immigrants, states in the southwest certainly can't afford the public cost of supporting these people.   I encourage regulation to keep this influx in check and it seems that whatever Arizona is doing should be looked at as a national policy.

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