Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Electric Car Stocks making move in 2010

Is there a viable business model for electric cars?  Yet?   I sometimes wish the U.S. would really consider the Dannish 'tax and subsidize' model.   Could it work here?    Based on Tesla stock performance to date, it seems doubtful that EV can make it on it's own. 

BALTIMORE (Stockpickr) -- Despite its parent company's financial failings in the last decade, Chevrolet's press conference yesterday announcing pricing on its new Volt electric vehicle reminded America that the auto industry still stands to impress with innovation. The Volt is arguably the most anticipated EV in history, offering to bring zero-emissions and electric efficiency to the mass market.

In yesterday's announcement, Chevrolet announced that the Volt would be base priced at $41,000, before a $7,500 tax credit that brings the cost down to $33,500. The company also plans on making a lease option available for $350 per month. But while GM's offering is the most tangible mass-market electric car out there right now, there's more to the EV market than just the Volt. Here's a look at a handful of electric car stocks that could make moves in 2010.

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