Monday, August 2, 2010

Manufacturing still expanding

Strong rise in the global equity markets today.   As reported in the NY Times, manufacturing has rose again for the 12 straight month.  While at a slower pace, still a good sign.   The report indicated that manufacturers are willing to hire, which in many peoples opinion, is the most necessary thing for the economy to continue the recovery.   It is very hard to spend when you don't have a job.   I have first hand experience with that now and truly understand the problem. 

It is good to see that manufacturing in the US is growing, in spite of the trend to find low cost producers oversees.   I am not sure what this really means when you look at the numbers in detail, but on the surface it implies more competitiveness.   Something to continue looking at.

The article indicates that there is still weakness in the housing market.   Isn't that a good thing.   With all the overbuilding that occurred during the housing boom due to the sub prime mess, you would think that stabilizing and perhaps decreasing the housing supply is what is needed. 

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